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Your People Will Be My People of Walmart

January 28, 2014

Today I resigned from my job of almost eight years.  It took me at least five attempts to do it.  I kept chickening out, not because I feared a bad reaction, but mostly just because it was a huge thing to do…  And it’s just one of the many huge things I have to do in the next four weeks. 

We are moving to Illinois.

Why?  We are moving to advance my husband’s career.  We are moving for a more affordable cost of living.  We are moving because we are disillusioned with California.  We are moving because there’s not a lot keeping us here.  We are moving because we are responding to God’s will.  We are moving to raise our daughter elsewhere.  We are moving to get a control-alt-delete on our lives.

Four weeks from now I’ll be somewhere between here and there.  With my husband, my daughter, two cats, and everything we own.  On my way to a place I’ve never been before where I know nobody.  My new home. 

I’m no stranger to being a stranger.  I’ve moved a lot.  I ain’t skerred. 

I’m trading In-n-Out for an abomination called a horseshoe sandwich which is covered in French fries and cheese sauce.  I’m trading beautiful weather for humidity and snow.  I’m trading beaches and mountains for flat, land-locked fields.  I’m trading Los Angeles for Lincoln.  But I’m also trading my job for the ability to stay at home with my baby.

ImageA few weeks ago I framed this print for my daughter’s nursery.  Her name is Ruth so it seemed fitting.  Now it’s speaking to my heart.  I am leaving my home, where I grew up, my family.  I am going to the land of my husband (the Midwest).  His people will be my people…  Even as he describes them fondly as “People of Walmart.”

Doing huge things means taking risks.  Like leaving what is comfortable.  Challenging yourself to be a mom full-time even though it scares you.  Leaving everything behind, even Mexican food.  Jumping blind.  I’m trusting there’s reward for the risk. 

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