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Happy half birthday, Roo

December 6, 2013

My Ruthie-girl,

You are half a year old now.  I knew nothing about you for the nine months I carried you around inside, except that you hiccup a lot.  But I’ve learned a lot about you in the six months you’ve been in the world…

You are very alert.  We hear it all the time.  Even your pediatrician comments about how you look around with interest at everything and seem to listen when people talk.  You are not content when you cannot see the world around you.  I hope you don’t lose that sense of curiosity.

You are petite.  Having been a chunky baby I didn’t expect to have such a small girl.  You’re in the 8th percentile right now and haven’t quite doubled your birth weight.  People guess you are much younger than you are because of your size, but I love that you’re tiny right now.

You are so happy.  We love your smiles and giggles and how easily you share them with everyone.


You are not very cuddly.  You are a sweet girl but you don’t like to snuggle much.  When we hold you, you arch away from us.  This was hard for me at first because I wanted some affection but you will show your love differently as you get older.

Things you love: the clownfish on your exersaucer, your stuffed Roo, Mommy’s milk, bathtime, being naked on the changing table, flying through the air, spending time with your grandparents, car rides, lights, and blowing raspberries.


When I was pregnant with you, and I thought about you, everything was a possibility.  You could be a boy or a girl.  You could be big or little.  You could have red hair or blonde or none at all.  You could like being swaddled, rocked, bounced, sung to, or none of the above.  But now that I know you, I can’t imagine you being any different than exactly who you are.

You are Ruth, a sweet little girl with a curl in the middle of your forehead and a red stork bite birthmark on the back of your neck.  You are part Keller, part Taylor.  You are our daughter and God’s.  You are small but strong.  You are an IU fan (according to Dad).  You are blue-eyed and beautiful.  You are everything to us.

We are so excited to see you grow up and find out what else you are.  Maybe you’re an athlete.  Maybe you’re an artist.  Maybe you’re a Democrat.  Maybe.  We’ll have lots of adventures and find out together.  So much is still possible.

In the words of Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, “You are my darling daughter and I love you.”



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