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Feathering the Nest

May 31, 2013

Last Friday was my last day of work before my  maternity leave started.  I have four months of state-paid time off to prepare for, recover from, and bond with little Baby TBD.  The first week has been glorious.  I’ve spent most of my time a cliche, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  I’ve discovered the joy of a midmorning weekday grocery run (no crowds, friendly cashiers!).  I’ve taken a nap for the first time in months.  My bellybutton popped out (little turkey’s almost done!). Lest I forget the peacefulness and productivity of this short time of my life before a precious and wailing newborn intrudes, I’m documenting my adventures in nesting.


We took a day trip up to Cherry Valley for the Colonial Faire.  Curtis had planned on camping with his reenacting group but, as my 18th century clothes do not fit and there are not modern bathrooms, I wasn’t excited about that idea.  Everyone hiked down to a Colonial tavern for lunch (I hitched a ride) and we had pot pies in the sunshine.  (Yes, that is one random Red Coat – they let him hang out with us unshackled for some reason).



Church.  Picnic by the lake.  Curtis fished unsuccessfully.  It was a beautiful, quiet day.  It was also my in-laws’ 40th wedding anniversary, so we Skyped with them in Indiana.  Skyping with Luddites is always fun.  I get the giggles because my mother-in-law is only half on screen and yelling at the microphone, and my father-in-law is really close and we’re seeing right up his nostrils.



Memorial Day.  Our very best friends were in from out of town at their time share so we hung out with them by the pool and grilled some lunch and watched their kids play in the water.


The first official day I should’ve been at work but wasn’t.  Slept in a little.  Cleaned refrigerator and pantry.  Shopped for and put away groceries (which is no small feat in itself when you’re 8.5 months pregnant and you live upstairs and it’s hot and your garage is across the street. Waaah.).  Made a chocolate cream pie just because.


Reorganized kitchen cabinets, cleaned countertops and floor.  David Sedaris once said something like, “You can have a clean floor…. or you can use a mop,” and agreeing with that, I scrubbed the floor like Cinderella.  Basically, if I had to deliver this baby at home, I’d run for the kitchen because it’s spotless and sterile.  Dinner out with the girls from our old Bible study.  Nice to have some chit chat.

Photobomb: Dickens

Photobomb: Dickens chowin down


Appointment with my midwife.  Baby’s heartbeat is still in the 130s, it’s still head-down, my blood pressure is still good.  No news is good news.  Ran errands (Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Joann’s Fabrics).  Organized and dusted den.  Did five loads of laundry, including all bed linens.  Took a two hour nap with my favorite kitty.  Curtis came home and cleaned the bathrooms while I made dinner.

Friday (today)

I plan to organize and clean living room and dining room.  Finally go down to the library and get my library card (we’ve only lived here 18 months).  Maybe do some sewing.

This weekend we’ll wash windows and hardwood floors.  Curtis needs to tackle Mount Babylympus, the pile of baby gear that needs to be assembled and installed (car seat, co-sleeper, swing, humidifier, Rock-n-Play).


Next week, my mom arrives.  I plan to put her to work making freezer meals.

Maternity Leave Scorecard (thus far)

Rooms clean: 3.5

Cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea consumed: at least 20

Episodes of Arrested Development, Season 4 watched: 11 (I don’t normally binge on TV but I make a special exception for AD)

Bags of trash taken out: 6 (I’m in total purge mode)

Times I’ve thought about work: 0

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