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Liar, Liar

January 23, 2012


There’s a guy with the unusual name Loyal Rue.  He’s a professor of religion and a philosopher.  Awhile back, he came up with an idea that modern science has now dispelled the “myths” of the Bible.  He claims that Biblical events, from Creation to Moses bringing the Ten Commandments down the mountain, to the Resurrection, can be disproven by science, and thus are not to be believed anymore.  However, although he does not believe in the authority and authenticity of the Bible, he mourns the loss of what it provides for our society when it is believed.  Taking the Bible out of our culture, he acknowledges, leaves us without morals and answers to  important questions.  What he proposes to fix this problem is fascinating.

Rue says we need a “Noble Lie” – meaning he wants to invent a lie that deceives us into a shared morality and view of the universe.  He says the old “myth” (the Bible) doesn’t work anymore, so we need a new myth.  An abstract for his book says,

“Only a noble lie can save us from the psychological and social chaos now threatened by the spread of skepticism about the meaning of life and the universe… Loyal Rue offers a wide ranging look at the importance of deception in nature and in human society, concluding with an argument for a noble lie to replace the religious beliefs rejected by modern thought.”

In his words,

“The illusion must be so imaginative and so compelling that it can’t be resisted. What I mean by the noble lie is one that deceives us, tricks us, compels us beyond self interest, beyond ego…[and] will deceive us into the view that our moral discourse must serve the interests not only of ourselves and each other, but those of the earth as well.”

Essentially he wants to make us Christ-like through a man-made lie rather than through Christianity.

This isn’t new.  Men have been introducing new lies for hundreds of years – recently, Depak Chopra, L. Ron Hubbard, Rob Bell.  What is different about this, however, is that he is acknowledging that it would be a LIE, that its admitted intention is to deceive.  In the past, the lies have been introduced as new truths, new discoveries.  Rue wants us to believe a lie, a seductive deception, to replace Christian values.

This is the one of the scariest things I’ve ever read.  It’s also a reminder to hold fast to TRUTH.  Study the Word, hide it in your heart, meditate on it, and share it.  Do not be deceived by new “science” or New Age philosophies that contradict the Word of God.  Lies are all around us, and there is no such thing as one that is “noble.”


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  1. January 24, 2012 2:03 am

    You aren’t going to believe this but my post today is also titled Liar! Liar! I didn’t take it from you either!

    • February 1, 2012 4:47 pm

      That’s so funny. I’ll have to read yours! Great minds think alike, I guess =)

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